Success Stories

"We asked Jemma to deliver a number of workshops on Change and Resilience and also Emotional Intelligence as our institute was about to go through the process of merging two organisations. Our desired outcomes were to allow people to have their say about their feelings during this time of uncertainty. We wanted Jemma to give them effective tips on keeping morale up, understanding emotions in themselves and others and to be able to practice resilience in both their work and personal lives. The feedback to us from the groups has told us that these desired outcomes were definitely met. We have booked Jemma for further workshops"

Linda Campbell, (HR, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology)

"My experience with Jemma has been amazing. Her expertise and skills in helping me find clarity in professional and personal decisions that I was finding challenging has been excellent. The advice, resources, and reviews she provides is evidenced based, clear, straight to the point, compassionate and from my experience really does work! From reviewing your CV, constructive professional feedback, or understanding life coaching, Jemma can help you get from A to where you want to be"

Juanita (Dietician, Whakatane)

"Jemma helped me find clarity through a very challenging time. I have now made some extremely positive changes in my work & home life. I have found our sessions invaluable"

Anne (Business Owner, Tauranga)

"I have been working with Jemma for the past 18 months. During this time I have dealt with many differing/challenging experiences in my business and personal life. The coaching has been motivating, relevant and practical. The sessions are constructive and always followed up by Jemma. She is always available between our arranged appointments should I need clarity and further direction/coaching. I have dealt with challenges that in the past I would have avoided. The person that started 18 months ago is certainly more capable, composed,confident and I know that with Jemmas' support I am able to manage without hesitation the challenges ahead. Thank you so much Jemma"

Gerald (Licensee Agent/Auctioneer)

"The CV looks really good. Can't believe that is me !! Thank you so much for all your help. Feeling positive about the future."

Sally, (Scientist, Western Bay of Plenty)

"I worked with Jemma (Headway Coaching) for a period of a couple of years, exploring both personal and professional aspects of my life. At all times, I found her to be friendly, professional and genuine. She helped me develop increased self-awareness, challenged my thinking and build my confidence when it came to taking risks. Jemma supported me in developing a better, more fulfilling work-life balance. I unreservedly recommend Headway Coaching to anyone who's prepared to reflect on what they want to achieve out of life and be supported through the process of making positive change"

Shane (Senior Leader, Taranaki)

"I was looking for a new job. After six months, and five interviews, I worked with Jemma as my coach. Our professional relationship allowed me to lay it all out on the table, and be honest with myself. We set time frames, and got clear on what I really wanted. After plenty of directed action, I secured a great job!. It still amazes me the difference it makes having someone help you put the steps in place."

Mike (Engineer, Tauranga)

"I just thought I would send you a quick email to wish you a very happy festive season and also to thank you for helping me achieve my goals this year. I am happy to report that I am celebrating my 25kg weight loss! and I am using the reward system for each step in my journey. Thanks again Jemma I have really appreciated our time together this year."

Denise, (Administrative Officer, Mount Maunganui)

"Jemma helped me to not only present myself in a professional manner, but also helped me to see my value both personally and professionally. Jemma's holistic, compassionate and informative approach gave me more confidence and helped me in more ways than i could have imagined. Would highly recommend"

Michael (Sales Rep, Sydney)

"I found the computer training very beneficial, the training was very specific to my needs. I would strongly recommend your services in the future."

Sasha, (Data Analyst, Tauranga)

"Thanks Jemma and thank you for all your help. Practising the most common questions helped me a lot and will help with the mental block I get when I go for interviews in the future."

Lorraine (Administrative officer, Tauranga)

"Had my biggest week on record last week, 142 patient visits, 7 new patients! Huuuuuuuge week. Thank you."

James, (Chiropractor, Queensland)

"I’m feeling much happier lately, my life is falling into place a lot better and I’m feeling more in control. Thanks for your input and support."

Jennie, (Account Manager, Otorohanga)

"So, good news! From unemployed to two jobs pretty much overnight, I'm pretty happy to say the least. Thank you for all your help with my resume and everything else we discussed."

Josh, (Sales, Mount Maunganui)

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and guidance during that challenging period, the decisions made were unequivocally for the best and I am much better at saying no"

Felicity (Self-Employed, Tauranga)

"Over the past 14 months we have employed Headway Coaching to assist with the development of individual staff members and team building within our company. Key to this successful staff development has been the ability of Headway to develop individual sessions to meet each and every staff member's requirements. Some of our staff lacked confidence whilst others had issues ranging from social issues to a lack of motivation. We employ around 400 hundred seasonal staff each year and the development of key people to manage and assist this diverse group of seasonal employees is paramount to the success of our company. As a company Aerocool's core values include the belief that better people deliver a better result and as such we are keen to assist with personal development wherever possible, Jemma has played and will continue to play a huge part in our success."

Richard Nicholson (General Manager, Aerocool, Te Puke)

"I became very bored and unhappy in my work as a Legal Executive and knew I needed a change. Jemma gave me the tools I needed to open the door to a new career path. With her guidance I was able to consider opportunities I would not have other wise. I have left my job and I am now studying towards my new career and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you so much."

Nicola (Student, Auckland)

"My life coaching experience with Jemma has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick, and what those goals really are. I have a new sense of direction now. Thank you!"

Will (Project Manager, Wellington)