staff coaching

We asked Jemma to deliver a number of workshops on Change and Resilience and also Emotional Intelligence as our institute was about to go through the process of merging two organisations. We wanted Jemma to give them effective tips on keeping morale up, understanding emotions in themselves and others and to be able to practice resilience in both their work and personal lives. The feedback to us from the groups has told us that these desired outcomes were definitely met. We have booked Jemma for further workshops.

(Staff Development Advisor | HR, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology)

Staff Coaching

Well qualified staff who are happy in their job are one of the most valuable assets that any company has. Coaching is an invaluable tool for developing staff members across a wide range of needs. One to one coaching can help motivate staff, resulting in a more pleasant and productive working atmosphere, bringing benefits for both employees and employers.

Staff coaching is about building on potential. It is a conversation with a purpose resulting in the staff member setting goals to develop skills, enhance performance and/or develop personally and professionally. 

Benefits of staff coaching:

  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility

  • Improves individual performance

  • Boosts motivation and morale

  • Improves communication in the workforce

  • Promotes co-operation of staff

  • Develops self-awareness and confidence

  • Reduces conflict at work

  • Increases retention

  • Enhances organisational performance and profit


Coaching sessions can be delivered in house or externally. Contact Headway today to find out how staff coaching could benefit your organisation!