Meet Jemma

| BSc Psychology, National Certificate in Business, Trained Co-Active Life Coach, ACC Provider |

Hi I'm Jemma, experienced Life Coach, Consultant and Motivational Speaker based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. I have been coaching for more than 12 years and worked successfully with hundreds of clients internationally.

From a young age I was fascinated by people and their behaviour, I wanted to understand why people behaved in certain ways and why people make certain choices in life. 


My academic study of psychology broadened my knowledge and understanding of the human mind and behavior. Since then I have inspired, motivated and supported hundreds of people throughout my career to achieve their goals and potential.


My decision to become a life coach was a natural progression from previous roles to make a difference, add value and assist others to achieve their very best. I have a special interest in helping people live life to the full, to be healthy in their body and mind.

My intention for all my clients is to achieve significant positive and permanent results and to create lasting change.